Dec 24, 2007

Another new face at Helsbury...

We knew we wouldn't last long after we moved here to get a new dog, and we didn't. This is Solomon, he's a lurcher puppy and he's our new dog!

Nov 30, 2007

Feedback on New Dog Kennels...

Our first piece of feedback, thanks to Dorothy Dence: "I've just read the news about the installation of dog kennels at all of the cottages. I'd just like to say 'what a great idea' !!
We're coming to stay at Marhayes next March for the first time and having 5 dogs of varying ages, I'm sure we'll be using the kennel. Many thanks for being so forwardthinking !"

Nov 25, 2007

Photo of the Month: November

Having seen some stunning early mornings this month, we're going for this photo as our photo of the month, we think you'll agree its an absolute stunner. Almost worth getting up for, if you weren't on holiday!

Dog Kennels Now Available on Site...

We’ve recently installed custom built kennels by each one of our cottages. They’ll allow you to be more flexible in how you manage your dog(s) while you’re on site. The kennels have a covered area, an enclosed area and a run giving your dog maximum comfort if they need to stay in there for any reason. The kennels are free to use at your own discretion, we hope you find them useful. They’ve been installed to support our drive to be the UK’s leading dog friendly accommodation.

This is the one at the back of Westhayes

And this one is behind Marhayes. The one for Broadview will be fitted over the next few weeks while we complete the rebuild of the garage. We hope you find them useful and we'd welcome any feedback.

Nov 22, 2007

Helsbury Park Photo Competition 2007 / Entry 15

Nick Tucker recently visited us here at Helsbury and bought his beautiful (and massive) Great Dane called Murray. Nick said "Once again, thanks very much for an excellent week in Westhayes at Helsbury Park, we were really impressed with the facilities and especially the grounds...Murray thoroughly enjoyed himself, especially in the river!"

Nov 8, 2007

Helsbury Park Photo Competition 2007 / Entry 14

Sharon Bean came recently and has sent us this amazing shot of her dog Louis, he is a 3 year old Grand Bassett Griffon Vendeen. Sharon stayed in Marhayes and said "The cottages were fabulous! By far the best we have ever stayed in. Our favourite haunt was Daymer (which is where the shot was taken) but the whole area is just magnificent. We lived in Bude many years ago so that part of the country is quite dear to our hearts and is now firmly in Louis as he loved that coastline and the moors. Helsbury really is well thought out and a home from home."

Visitors' Book 004

A recent entry in our Visitors Book:

We stayed in Marhayes and Broadview during October half term. We were 6 adults and 5 children aged 8-12. Helsbury was the perfect place to spend a week. The properties are finished to an exceptional level. It is stylishly designed with great facilities and all that a family needs (even snooker, table tennis and table footy). The web site mentioned that it was a great place for dog lovers. We don’t have dogs but as we always say 'having boys is like having dogs – they need lots of food, exercise and fresh air!' The walks around Helsbury are beautiful and just the right distance to wear them out. We spent time surfing at Polzeath, visited the Eden Project and Tintagel, but we were just as happy flying kites, playing football or walking around the grounds of Helsbury. A wonderful; half term break for all the family!"

Nov 5, 2007

Helsbury Dawn...

As we're now resident in Cornwall it gives us opportunities to see Helsbury in a new light, and thanks to our baby daughter ignoring the clocks going back we've seen quite a few early mornings this week, but when they look like this, who's complaining?

Oct 26, 2007

Helsbury Park Photo Competition 2007 / Entry 13

This one's from Michele Harfield, and her dog Wilma, they're enjoying a run on the beach at Hayle, great entry for our Cornwall Dogs category.

Oct 20, 2007

Helsbury Park Photo Competition 2007 / Entry 12

Some more shots from Beth Currie from their stay in Broadview earlier this year, Eddie and Neo even bought their toys along for the holiday. Beth said "We had a great time. The dogs loved it and we had some lovely walks up Roughtor and Brown Willy. We came straight home and re-booked for next year!"

Oct 14, 2007

Cani-Cross Come to Cornwall...

Cani-Cross (canine — cross-country) means running with your dog (any breed). If you're already running with your dog/s — you already do cani-cross! Previous events have included vision impaired entrants running with a human guide, hearing impaired entrants running with their Hearing Dogs, people who have had a triple heart by pass, 10km/ marathon/ ultra-endurance athletes, to kids, have-a-goes and those that just love to do things with their dogs.

No special equipment or training is needed. You can start today, go out for a training run and enter cani-cross races with your dog on collar and lead. Many choose to harness their dog’s pulling power and chase instinct with a dog running harness, waist belt and cani-cross line. This is more comfortable for both you and your dog and gives you extra assistance (handy for the hills)! Dogs soon learn the difference between their collar and their running harness – understanding that they can pull with one and not the other. The running harness directs all the pulling power to the dogs chest and shoulders away from the neck. The feel is totally different to the collar and significantly more comfortable. Running with your dog in harness can help with loose lead walking. Cani-cross is a brilliant way to get out in the fresh air and spend quality time with your dog. You and your canine chum can enjoy the peace and tranquillity of your surroundings and get in shape at the same time with an invigorating workout.

Cardinham Cani-Cross event (5km and 2.5km)
Date: Sunday 6 April 2008
Closing date: 2 April 2008
Venue: Cardinham Woods, Bodmin, Cornwall

One of our favourite artists comes to North Cornwall...

Amanda Hoskin lives and works in beautiful county of Cornwall and is very much influenced by the surrounding landscape. She s currently walking the Cornish coastal path, painting as she goes, she will be exhibiting the work next April. Amanda says of the show: "This show is the start of a long-term project for me - walking the Cornish Coast. I decided to do 100 miles for each section and each show. For me it is a way to see new areas of Cornwall that I haven't visited or painted before. Starting at Bude and finishing this part of the walk at Padstow, this is an area I know very little about. It is a challenging stretch of the coast, very wild with steep rugged cliffs, dramatic skies and sweeping white sands of the Camel Estuary."

Amanda's web site

The Little Book of Cornwall

The Little Book of Cornwall is an ecclectic mix of facts, figures, statistics and trivia about Cornwall. It perfectly captures Cornwall as if it flashed before your eyes. Delightful facts, obscure references, irreverent humour and useful knowledge all rolled into a bite sized package. What more do you want from a book? A great stocking filler and a lovely souvenir of this wonderful county.

The Little Book of Cornwall

Some books that might help you plan your holiday...

We've been scouring Amazon for a few of the latest and greatest books available on Cornwall and here's good selection...

Penwith Moods
Cornwall from Above
Wild about Cornwall
Hidden Places of Cornwall

OK, we admit it, its not always sunny...

The "101 things to do" website provides a guide to wet weather ativities in Cornwall and is a mine of some of the things that you can do regardless of the weather. So if you are looking for what do in Cornwall when it rains, then you're in the right place! If you happen to be suffering some rainy weather, then its not always obvious that you still have plenty to see and do. This website will hopefully help you to find those hidden gems that will tide you over until the sunshine magically reappears.

Of course as a wise man once said there's no such thing as bad weather just inappropriate clothing and we know our guests tend to be a bid more intrepid, they are well used to the cold winter nights walking the dog! Bud just in case you fancy the break, this site might well help you.

101 things to do on rainy days in cornwall web site

Cornwall is Europe's first ever Region of Culture

For over 20 years, Europe has recognised Capitals of Culture, where a city is chosen by the European Union and given a chance to showcase its cultural life on a local, national and international stage. But why is it only cities? Cornwall has just as much culture as a city. We're going to propose Cornwall as Europe's first ever Region of Culture. It's a bold step but we think it's worth it because, if successful, there will be a year-long celebration of Cornish culture in 2010 where Cornwall could get the cultural fame it deserves both at home and abroad.

Cornwall Culture Project

Vdubs for hire...

Ever thought of climbing into a classic VW camper van, sticking on some tunes and hitting the open road? Well now you can. There are several companies in the southe west offering the 'vdub' experience without all the hassle of actually owning one!

Seven Degrees West
O'Connors Campers

Sep 30, 2007

Helsbury Park Photo Competition 2007 / Entry 11

Rich and Lynda Lovatt sent these lovely shots of Jazz and Hextall [great name!] after they recently returned from a fantastic week at the Farmhouse, they said "Having stayed at Broadview last year we knew what a great area it was for the dogs, the highlghts were Daymer Bay, a beach just up from Widemouth and of course on the Helsbury grounds. We would like to thank you for a great week in superb accommodation and surroundings (thanks also for the recomendation of 'The Old Inn' - delicious food). We hope to be back next year."

Sep 28, 2007

Helsbury Park Photo Competition 2007 / Entry 10

You will know we have a soft spot for Weimeraners so we're pleased that Ben had a good time at Helsbury despite some inclement weather. Carol Leonard, Ben's mum, said "we enjoyed our time at Broadview, the woodland walk and the River Camel being a particular favourite of Ben's (and ours!)."

Sep 25, 2007

Helsbury Park Photo Competition 2007 / Entry 9

Well, we've seen some busy dogs in our time but Whistler must win the award for the most walks in on week! He's been all over Helsbury, up Roughtor and Brown Willy and all along the coastal path from Trebarwith to Bedruthan. Great work Whistler, it looks like you had a great time, Mike Rudd, Whistler's Dad said: "Properly dog friendly, high quality accommodation and superb location. We also dropped lucky in coinciding our stay with one of the few weeks of the English summer in 2007, so we enjoyed the best of everything Helsbury has to offer. "

Sep 18, 2007

Visitors' Book 003

From Dee Ruan:

"We stayed at Marhayes last week and I just wanted to say a huge thank you as we had the most incredible week - not only were we lucky with the weather, but we had truly the best surroundings. Marhayes is gorgeous - you really thought of everything! -and the view in the morning made it easier for all of us to get out of our super-comfy beds!"

Helsbury Park, the most dog friendly cottages in Britain.

Sep 17, 2007

Increased Couple's Discount for 2008!

We've increased our out-of-season couples discount to £200 per week, we know that many dog owners are couples and we are keen that Helsbury is still accessible to everyone. We hope this keeps us competitive and encourages more couples to come to stay with their dogs.

Helsbury Park, the most dog friendly cottages in Britain.

Walks with Buggies...

A new web site has been set up to give families more information about walks that are suitable for buggies, its early days but the people behind it are looking for your ideas as well as providing other information, check it out...

Helsbury Park, the most dog friendly cottages in Britain.

Sep 15, 2007

Helsbury Park Photo Competition 2007 / Entry 8

Lovely pictures of these two beautiful setters at Helsbury from Carmen Hegarty, they have stayed in the Farmhouse on a number of occassions and absolutely loved it.

Sep 7, 2007

Helsbury Park Photo Competition 2007 / Entry 7

Vin Kelly submitted these superb shots of his dog Benjamin enjoying his holiday at Helsbury, he also said "Firstly a huge appreciation of what you have at Helsbury Park. We stayed in Westhayes and it was better than we ever hoped for. Despite the weather it was the most relaxing, comforting and energetic holiday for a long while. We wanted to stay in England, rather than put Benjamin in kennels, and the week we had at Helsbury was truly excellent."

Things to do in Cornwall on a rainy day...

With predictions of cold, wet weather on the way, you might like to know about the Rainy Day in Cornwall website. Obviously dog owners are used to the cold and wet and we don't let it bother us too much but might be worth checking if you're stuck for ideas!

Helsbury Park Photo Competition 2007 / Entry 6

These lovely shots are of Zak, who bought Julie Cass with him for a break in Cornwall, they stayed in Marhayes and had a lovely time. Zak loved Daymer Bay as you can see...

Pooch Pitstop...

If you're heading to Cornwall why not take a break at Haldon Forest Park, near Exeter. The park is close to the end of the M5 and just off the A38 - a major route to Cornwall. The dog friendly park has a range of walking trails and a Canine Corner notice board with news and information for dog walkers. Dog lovers should make a detour to Haldon on Sunday 2 September for the Top Dog Day Out a funday for dogs and their owners including cani-cross, dog agility, pet parade and lots of other activities.

Aug 1, 2007

Helsbury Park Photo Competition 2007 / Entry 5

This is Biscuit, who's had a lovely time at Helsbury and also Daymer Bay, making the most of the lovely Easter weather we had this year. Many more lovely Helsbury holiday's to come I hope Biscuit!

Helsbury Park are the most dog friendly cottages in Britain.

Jul 25, 2007

Trees, trees everywhere and so much space to think

Well I’ve always felt better for a walk down in the woods at Helsbury Park but apparently trees really are good for your health. Research by Professor Ulrich of Texas University suggests that symptoms of stress may be alleviated by simply driving down a tree-lined avenue and statistics show that people recover faster from illnesses & operations if they have had views of or access to trees.

Professor Ulrich said, “Being in a green space for just 5 minutes can have an impact on the nervous system, reducing blood pressure, relaxing muscles and lowering stress levels.” So just think what Helsbury’s 50 acres of ancient woodland could do for you; get your wellies on quick. Not only do we have plenty of trees at Helsbury Park we also have cleaner than average air. A brave claim? Well we believe it’s true because of the amount of lichen than can be found here.

Lichen is not a single plant, it consists of two partners a fungus and an alga that function as one organism. Lichens are very sensitive to air pollution; as a rule of thumb, the smaller the variety of lichens in an area, the more polluted it is. Some lichens grow very slowly so that they can tell you about the history of the environment where you find them. They have been used as indicators of ancient woodlands that have never been clear-felled, like ours. Drug companies also use some lichens to make antibiotics or sunscreen.

So maybe it’s not just the break from the norm that makes so many people feel rejuvenated after a stay at Helsbury. Make a walk in the woods one of your first activities when you arrive at Helsbury Park and you should be quickly de-stressed and relaxed ready to enjoy your holiday all the more.

Jul 22, 2007

Look out for the new Cornwall Dog Guide

We are the sole sponsors of this excellent guide to taking your dog to Cornwall. We have loads to give away and they should be available in the barns when you arrive. If you can't see them just shout!

Helsbury Park are the most dog friendly cottages in Britain.

Jun 17, 2007

Visitors' Book 002

We love to share extracts from our visitors book, here is a recent comment:

"We've just returned from a week in Westhayes and I wanted to thank you for such a lovely cottage. Thank you for making such a lovely cottage available to dog owners. We've spent the last 3 years trying to find somewhere that is home from home but that also takes dogs. At last, we have and I know we will be back. It really was home from home and the attention to detail was really worth the effort. We wanted for nothing, including superb views and we look forward to returning againto these wonderful dog friendly cottages, hopefully next year."

Helsbury Park, the most dog friendly cottages in Britain.

Jun 15, 2007

Helsbury Park Photo Competition 2007 / Entry 4

These lovely shots have been submitted by Lisa Castle, these are her dogs, Oz and Benson on their holidays at Helsbury. Nice game of tug of war at Daymer bay:

And having a lovely time in the river at the bottom of the Helsbury hill:

Posing for mummy looking very proud and content:

And doing what every dog loves after a hard day, totally Helsbury'd:
Helsbury Park are the most dog friendly cottages in Britain.