Jan 14, 2010

Snow at Helsbury...

We've all seen it but it is genuinely unusual for Cornwall to get the harsh weather we've had of late. However, it's still a spectacular sight to see.

Helsbury Park Dog Photo Competition 2010 Entry 20

Helen Field updated us with some shots of her dogs from their trip to Helsbury, she also said "I am just blown away with what you have achieved at Helsbury, you should be so very proud of yourselves, I hope to get back there one day as it was simply the best holiday accommodation I have ever stayed in."

Helsbury Park Dog Photo Competition 2010 Entry 19

Matt Stubblefield sent these stunning shots, the first one of which just about sums up what being at helsbury is all about, the second is of their lovely retriever Windsor, he said "We're still buzzing from our two trips to Helsbury last year, and hope you like our selection of photos and wonderful memories from our hols."

Tellington Touch...

Solly recently started his Tellington Touch training with Shona Moon. It's a new kind of treatment that is very tuned to the dog's mindset. Solly really enjoyed it and seemed to visibly settle into it and relax. He went from anxious and out of his comfort zone to being very laid back and open to trying some new experiences. We have a bit further to go but it's looking good.