Jul 21, 2008

Helsbury Park Dog Photo Competition 2008/09 Entry 5

Lisa Castle stayed recently and took these great shots of Benson and Oz, she said: "Thank you for yet another excellent stay at Helsbury Park, after all previous stays in the Farmhouse we weren't sure what to expect of Westhayes but it exceeded our expectations and was perfect and the dogs absolutely loved just sitting and playing on the lawn. We will hopefully be booking soon for next year. Thanks once again for the perfect holiday location!"

Jul 3, 2008

Helsbury Park Dog Photo Competition 2008/09 Entry 4

Dawn Moore sent these lovely shots of Bella, she said: "Just wanted to send you some photos of our wonderful holiday (Marhayes March 2008) our Weimeraner Bella had the best time thanks!Looking forward to seeing you again."

Consider offsetting your trip...

Carbon Kiss of Cornwall have set up an easy way of offsetting the carbon used in your trip down for your holiday, why not consider planting a tree and dedicating it to someone you know?

Jul 2, 2008

Helsbury Park Dog Photo Competition 2008/09 Entry 3

Beth Currie sent these lovely shots of her dogs Neo and Eddie frollicking in the field at Broadview, looks like they had a great time and the photos have come out beautifully.

Helsbury Park Dog Photo Competition 2008 / 09 Entry 2

Tony Madge, the winner of the 2007 Photo Competition took his prize week last week and the weather was absolutely stunning, Tony emailed to say: "We returned home from our wonderful break at Broadview this week fully relaxed and refreshed. It is not often that we can go on holiday with the 3 woofers and relax in comfort and beautiful surroundings, this is possible at Helsbury Park. We had a great time and once again thank you for inviting us down as a prize for the photo competition."

Here's his entry for this year's competition.

The river at Helsbury...

Beth Currie sent this lovely photo of the river in full flow...

Launch of Dog Photo Competition

It goes without saying that following the success of last years awards, we’ve now opened the 2008/09 competition for entries. This year the winner not only gets a FREE week at dog friendly Helsbury but also a free photo shoot with Slobberchops [the home of some very cool 'dogumentary' photography].

We want to see photos of your dogs while they’re here at Helsbury, in the cottages, in the woods or the river, at the beach or out and about in Cornwall. We'll be looking out for pictures of dogs that look properly 'Helsburyed' too, i.e. flat out asleep after a hard day enjoying themselves, we'd love to see funny shots, action shots or family shots. Please remember to tell us where the shot was taken so we can tell others about it on the dog places page of the Helsbury web site.

How to Enter
Just email your photos to us with your name, a caption for the photos and a quote about your holiday. All photos displayed on our blog or shortlisted for voting will earn you a £50 voucher for use against a future holiday at Helsbury and a £30 voucher for Slobberchops. The winner will get a FREE week at Helsbury [outside school holidays]. And just for reference here’s last years winner, entitled ‘Murray and Pasty’.


We're currently being featured on the brilliant Lookaround Cornwall web site, we asked them to come and take some photos of the site to really try and convey the unique offer we have here in terms of dog walking. Our little [100 acres!] doggie haven is fantastic for dog walking with everything from open fields to the woodland. A neverending supply of sticks and a river too! Check out the brilliant panoramas so you can see for yourself.


We've teamed up with the guys at Slobberchops to bring you a unique offer, while you're on site why not get Richard to come and take some cracking shots of your dog in the woods or the river. Check their web site for more information.