Oct 25, 2010

Tortoise Friendly Holidays...

We're branching out into a brand new market sector, OK that's not quite true, we helped out in an emergency last week and had our first visit from Flash the Tortoise. Kate said he wasn't quite ready for hibernation but I think he'd seen our web site and didn't want to miss out! Apparently he loved it and is planning to come back next year.

Helsbury Dog Photo Competition 2011 Entry 21

Jo and Kate sent these shots from their holiday last week, the weather was lovely and Dudley had a thoroughly good time - check out this action shot...

Helsbury Dog Photo Competition 2011 Entry 20

20? Phew, this one's from Keith Berwick, he said: "We thoroughly enjoyed our stay last week, you have a fantastic place and the facilities and standard of accommodation was very good. We used the pool everyday which is unusual for me when I am on holiday but with that view and a very clever designed building who can resist. The massage chair was a nice finish to the day’s activities. Cannot wait to April now and the Farmhouse views look even better."

Helsbury Dog Photo Competition 2011 Entry 19

Are we really up to 19 already, well here goes, this entry is from Lisa Castle, she said: "Benson and Oz (Golden Retriever) had a fantastic stay at Helsbury in September for the 7th year! As soon as Benson realised where he was he wanted to go straight down to the fields and river, although he is nearly 12 he was running around the fields and swimming in the river like a young dog, it was really lovely to see. Oz loved exploring for animals in the long grass and hedges at Helsbury. As usual they loved the trips to Daymer Bay and chased the ball in and out of the water for ages, even though tired they just wouldn't stop. At the end of the day they either fell asleep under the dinner table or on the chair and would sleep for hours. They even lay outside the pool while some of us went swimming. Thanks again for yet another fantastic stay at Helsbury. We are really looking forward to being able to stay in the Farmhouse again."

Oct 21, 2010

Helsbury Dog Photo Competition 2011 Entry 18

Catherine Volders bought her family over from The Netherlands for a summer holiday here at Helsbury, they had a great time even in our "English" summer, here some shots of their dog Finn.

Helsbury Dog Photo Competition 2011 Entry 17

Nigel Payne and his family came to stay at Helsbury in the Spring and he sent these great shots of Tilly and Tiggi rock climbing at Trebarwith Strand, and this comment: "We had a great stay in Helsbury Park and the weather was sunny and hot all week long which for April was an added benefit to our week. The photo, one of many, was taken when the tide fell at Trebawith Strand, a great place to take the dogs and then you can sit on the cliffs edge and watch the sun go down, superb!"

Oct 18, 2010

Helsbury Dog Photo Competition 2011 Entry 16

Rachel and Chris came to Helsbury for their honeymoon and sent this lovely shot and also said: "I just wanted to let you know that we all had a really lovely week last week staying in the Westhayes cottage. Honey, Rowan and Spud had lots of fun running round like mad things in the field by the river and then splashing about at the various beaches we visited."

Helsbury Dog Photo Competition 2011 Entry 15

Andy Oldfield sent these shots of his two lovely dogs, Biscuit and Toffee, he said: "I'm also attaching a couple of pics for the photo competition. After 3 years of staying at Helsbury these are about the only ones we've got where they stayed still long enough to photograph - if you ever do a competition for pictures of half a leg or an ear or just some grass we have hundreds!"

DEFRA's Guide to Dog Welfare

I'm not sure how widespread the distribution is on this document but it's worth a read, obviously most of it is common sense but it makes for a good checklist for you and your dog.

Oct 13, 2010

Helsbury Dog Photo Competition 2011 Entry 14

Keith and Tine Kerley send these great shots of their dogs, Harvey and Branston (Goldies), Dexter (Lab), and Iggle (terrier), and she said: "Had to write a quick note just to say thanks for our fabulous September week in the Westhayes cottage which was so dog-friendly, spacious, comfy, relaxing and luxurious. All four dogs have signed a petition to return ASAP and we will oblige! The daily early morning run in the grounds before breakfast, down through the paddock to the river and woods was a joy. (The canines enjoyed it too!!) Such a perfect location in our favourite county of Cornwall. The four dogs joyfully chasing through the surf on gorgeous wide golden beaches in gloriously sunny weather was everything we had hoped for. Without doubt we’ll be back to enjoy it all over again."

Is the toilet bowl half empty?

Can dogs be pessimistic? Not when they're at Helsbury Park! Joking aside this is an interesting article about dogs emotions and moods. Dogs are great at appearing to sulk but I can't help thinking it's received behaviour which they know gets a certain reaction or attention - it definitely works on me when Solly does his 'flat dog' routine.

Oct 12, 2010

The Farmhouse is back...

The Farmhouse at Helsbury Park is available again for holiday lets from March 1st 2011. We've spent some time living on site overseeing the improvements to this stunning building as well as managing the build of our stunning pool facility. So if you've checked our calendar for 2011 and your week has already been booked, or you've stayed in the Farmhouse before then this is your chance to experience 5 star dog friendly luxury at its best.

The Farmhouse is equipped to a very high standard and effectively has 3 gardens, one for you and your dog, one for the whole family and one to gaze at through the beautiful glass-walled breakfast room. The Helsbury experience has never been better than this!
Book now to avoid disappointment.

Oct 5, 2010

Helsbury Dog Photo Competition 2011 Entry 13

Rick and Jane Gurney stayed with us a few weeks ago and sent these lovely photos and said: "Thanks for last week, Rufus & Red have just about recovered! We managed to see different parts of Cornwall and in particular, enjoyed Daymer Bay and The Camel Trail, which is thanks to the website & Dexter’s recommendations! As you can see, the doggies loved the Frisbee and Rufus loved the soft grass outside the cottage. We also wanted to say how wonderful the pool complex is and the massage chair! With regards to the cottage itself, we can see how you have been awarded 5 stars, very much deserved, with great attention to detail."