Jul 24, 2009

Crossing fields with dogs...

A couple of unfortunate incidents have brought the issue of livestock on public footpaths to public attention once again. Farmers have a perfect right to keep stock in fields with public footpaths running through them and indeed there is little danger from cows unless they have young with them and unless you have a dog. We provide some guidance on this in our visitor guide but here's a useful article that cover's the subject.

This does not apply to Helsbury Park itself of course as we have no livestock on the land at all.

Jul 22, 2009

Here's someone who really gets it...

"Can I just say I have been trawling the Internet for ever trying to find a beautiful dog friendly cottage for my family and beloved Golden Retriever and have never ever ever found anything that comes remotely close to the little piece of Heaven you're offering. For some reason most people seem to think that if you have a dog you must be happy to accept sub standard accomodation. You're the only people who appear to understand that there are dog owners out here who have nice homes despite having a dog and want to replicate their standards of living when they go on holiday."

That's a great description of what we're trying to achieve here at Helsbury Park, check our web site for availability for 2010.

Jul 9, 2009

The pool at night...

I had a feeling it might look spectacular at night and here's the evidence, there some more on our flickr page

Jul 8, 2009

The Rascodog...

Here's the backstory: "One day, while designer Eric Sugalski was walking his dog Oscar around Chicago and dodging those dog park landmines, he had a lightbulb moment. There was a need for a better lead that actually encouraged picking up dog waste. He went to the drawing board, and after testing several prototypes, Rascodog ReadyLeash was born. (Rasco is Oscar spelled backwards — well almost.)"

Go to www.rascodog.com for more information

Helsbury Park Dog Photo Competition 2010 Entry 4

Kate Dennett sent us these great shots of here dogs, she said: "We had a wonderful week down in Cornwall and couldn't resist entering the photo competition. The cottage was amazing and the pool is just stunning! Stan, Ollie and Monty loved their long walks and are desperate to come back."