Jun 19, 2009

It's Yet More Gold for Helsbury

We're absolutely delighted to announce our latest success, we've achieved GOLD standard in the Green Tourism Business Scheme [GTBS]. It's extremely prestigious and quite an arduous process to attain a gold but we've managed it first time. Part of the assessment involved looking at our new pool building which has serious sustainable credentials and that helped us attain the award.

Jun 8, 2009

Visitors Book 006

Matthew Stubblefield recently wrote to us with this lovely comment: "We had an amazing time; in fact we all agreed (including our dogs) that it was the best holiday we've ever had. Although we were incredibly lucky with the weather which helped enormously, our stay was defined by the wonderful cottage, Broadview, its environment and location. The riverside walk in the grounds of Helsbury Park is stunningly beautiful. The cottage is very well appointed, and was great for all our needs. The new pool is gorgeous; a good size and just the right temperature, but most impressive of all is the view from the pool of the surrounding countryside. We really value our privacy, and peace and quiet, and we found these qualities in spades at Helsbury Park. Though we generally visit new areas on each holiday, it will be most tempting to return to Helsbury Park and I know it will be difficult (if not impossible) to match it anywhere else. Also, the cleanliness of the cottage was very impressive upon arrival, something we always notice. You're really setting the standard for dog-friendly holidays!"

Jun 6, 2009

Bodmin Moor Flickr Group

Just noticed there's a group on flickr for shots of Bodmin Moor. We've uploaded a few shots ourselves, but if you've got anything good you should get it on there.

Bodmin Moor Group

Young Red Deer in the Field at Helsbury...

The Pool is Officially Open...

And to celebrate that fact we invited Ken McMahon from Lookaround Cornwall to come in and take a 360 degree panorama shot of the interior so you really get a feel of what a fantastic addition to the facilities it really is. There are also some more up to date pictures of the pool on our flickr page, as well as lots of the construction taking place.

Helsbury Park Dog Photo Competition 2010 Entry 3

Laura Hill asked Richard from Slobberchops to come and meet her and her lovely dog Alfie here at Helsbury and they had a very successful shoot, here's some of the resulting shots:

Helsbury Park Dog Photo Competition 2010 Entry 2

Clare Williams sent these shots of Toby and Angus having a great time out and about, they're already looking forward to coming back!

Protect your dog this summer...

As the grass gets longer the weather warms up it's not a bad idea to consider giving your dog a dose of a really good flea and tick treatment. We use Advantix on our dog which you can get from most vets, it has a range of benefits as well as being very easy to administer it...
  • is a highly effective parasiticide against the most common and important external parasites
  • repels ticks, sand flies, mosquitoes and stable flies before they can bite and suck blood
  • reduces the risk of parasite-transmitted diseases and the stress for the pet
  • has been developed specifically for dogs

For more information, check the Advantix web site.

What a week that was...

Possibly the finest week of weather we've seen for a year or two, 7 continuous days of sunshine and temperatures well into the mid 20s every day. Plenty of solar power for our swimming pool too!